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Art Primo Black Pad

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Art Primo Black Pad
8.27x11.70 32 Opaque Black Pages, Soft Cover with cardboard backing.

ON SALE! Due to issues with the glue on the binding the cover may not be attached. Still a great product and an AMAZING reduced price! The Black Pad is a sick little note pad with 32 bleed proof black pages. Perfect for sketching with opaque markers like the Molotow One4all and AP metal Tip Squeezers. Our faves are the Silver AP Metal Tip, Silver Molotow 1mm Grafx & the White Molotow 127. This book is perfect for doodling, practicing tags & writing your diatribes. Rise Above the average sketch pad at your TV Party tonight! Blackpad pages are lightly bound/glued to easily pull off spine.