Hyper Concrete +G LTD inline skate wheels

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Freestyle wheels, race e-thane compund, Circle 8 hub.

Hyper Concrete LTD Black (Limited Edition), the wheel that has re-invented urban skate style. A heavy performance hub that lasts like the Circle8 combined with +G Formula, grants better performance on all urban surfaces. This is the wheel that every free-skater must have!

Not all skaters are working on their hourglass figure. Urban tough, Hyper Freestyle (Aggressive) wheels are built to withstand the punishment of the toughest skating conditions any where, any time.

  • USE: All rough and smooth outdoor surfaces (Freestyle profile full radius in 24mm of thickness)
  • PERFORMANCE: Dependable performance for hardcore street skating
  • FORMULATION: Race E-Thane +G
  • HUB: Circle 8 Hub, Standard
  • SIZES: 80mm, 76mm
  • PACKAGING: 4 pack
  • COLOR WAY: Black/White